Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Art and the Somali culture in Ogaden

By Margrit of the African Art work.

Here is my new watercolor painting, still work i n progress, the beautiful Somali woman from the Ogaden, Ethiopia. From an early age on, as child I was captivated by the African people and their art. As an adult I got at my work in intense contact with the African culture, their artifacts and music and I became more and more fascinated by the beauty, strength and vitality of the people. My African art embrace the poetry of nuance and gesture and show the extraordinary diversity of cultures. Then there is the incredible variety of African jewelry and adornment. They inspired me to create my own jewelry line where every bead is a precious gift from ancient times and every necklace is unique in its own. The African tribes with their marvelous body decorations, their beautiful jewelry, their stamina and strength, love for music and dance continue to inspire me…. I hope you love my paintings the same way I do and will follow me on my future passages