Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bullet or Pen, any road to freedom should be taken

By Saadaq Mohamed

The world of politics is not as sweet as we think. And the road to free Ogaden is not as easy as we think. It's our job to sacrifice all, even our own soul to reach a full freedom. Ethiopia is using tactics beyond bullets to keep a tight grip on a land that is not theirs, it sees no people. So as the people who have been robbed off their motherland, oppressed to not move forward, killed and torched we should have unity, trust and collaboration with in us to get to a common goal by any means. a good one.

Execution of the most efficient plan is what we need to do and work on. Don't be a traitor to ditch the mission. It is not about choosing one side or another. It is about choosing freedom force, the ONLF which is fighting for freedom, justice and to claim what is righteously ours, the ancestral land, the Occupied Ogaden.

Our people in Occupied Ogaden are being enslaved to do work on behalf of the Ethiopian Regime. They need information and awareness, and that is why you don't have to hate them but, instead show them the big picture. Remind them of the past and show them a vision of a better future, the difference between freedom and Occupation. If you have sided with your long time and forever-willing enemy you are bound to be a slave in this time and age. Don't choose to be a xabashi puppet. As long as Ethiopia's illegal occupation exists in the Occupied Ogaden I vow not to rest, for I am told by the creator of this world ALLAH to defend and stand for what is mine. Keep that in mind. Shukran for reading. The slogan is Free Ogaden. And the mission is Janat Firdowsa.

 Saadaq Mohamed can be reached at https://facebook.com/Smaomaad