Saturday, 13 April 2013

Silence is a War Crime by Sadak M. Ahmed

I am a Somali who hails from and represents Ogaden, a country that was illegally handed over to Ethiopia in September 24th, 1948 by Great Britain. Sadly, Britain, a European colonial power that left my people and country without granting our independence and put us in this mess has ever since been funding the hidden genocide of our people that still persists to this very day.

The hidden genocide in Ogaden and the silence of the world

It is not only Great Britain that funds the hidden genocide in Ogaden. The US and the EU do fund Ethiopia as well to keep doing its dirty work.

What we, the people of Ogaden, go through and witness every now and then is no different than what slavery was, colonialism caused, and Hitler did. It simply is a violation of human rights, a hidden genocide and an intentional silence of an international community that caused us this misery in the first place and still funds my suffering, let alone help stop it!

It is a unfortunate that the United States, the United Kingdom, the EU and specifically the United Nations kept silent on the killing and suffering of the people of Ogaden by Ethiopia.
We are peaceful people seeking to kill our pain through peaceful means. We seek no war. Because, we believe an eye for an eye insures little at all. We see prosperity in a different aspect and that is to live side by side peacefully with our neighboring countries, unoccupied and without any form of suffering.

Where is the love?

As humans, love does exist between us unconditionally. But, things change when one brings ego to the table and love, peace and coexistence are no options for them, let alone understand our plight and stop the genocide.

It is unfortunate that one race, tribe, clan, group or country bypasses that love and replaces it with completely the opposite. Every single day we ask the world, where is humanity? Where is the love? And sadly, no one heads our cries!

Appeal to every human being on earth

We ask of all the peace loving people, the international community, and those of you who strive to prosper and hope to put an end to the world's suffering to help us end the hidden genocide in Ogaden and save the lives of millions by being voice for my voiceless people and asking your local senators, mayors or governors to pressure the Western governments to stop funding the Ethiopian regime that commits these atrocities - in 21st Century - against the people of Ogaden.

And lastly, but not least, to Somalis of Ogaden, may you all speak up from the silent cries you hold within, and let your voices be heard! The time is now to bring an end to the suffering of our people. Let us all write and let the world know what is happening in Ogaden.

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